Trento – Malé – Mezzana railway extension work from Marilleva 900 to Mezzana.

Descrizione lavoro:

Extension of the new Trento-Malè Electric Railway line by about 860 metres, from Marilleva 900 to Mezzana, including the construction of the new Mezzana station, with associated platform, about 2500 square metres, pedestrian link from the new station to the town and new road link between State Road 42 downstream from the town of Mezzana and the “Marilleva 900” ski lift facilities for about 980 metres.
Main works:
– No. 1 metallic railway viaduct at 224 m, on 5 piles
– No. 2 railway bridges with pre-stressed reinforced concrete beam decks
– No. 1 bridge and 2 catwalks over the Noce stream
– Minor works
– Railway power and track works

Work in association with: B.T.D. Servizi Primiero – CONSORZIO LAVORO AMBIENTE


Anno di realizzazione:
2014 - 2016