Structural works to improve the safety conditions of the “Cernobbio” tunnel along the “Regina” 340 state road, by constructing a new false ceiling for semi-transversal ventilation and adjustment of the existent escape route.

Descrizione lavoro:

– Hydro-drilling and hydro-demolition of the internal Tunnel lining surface to remove the deteriorated concrete areas and reveal “cracks”
– Full demolition of the reinforced concrete slab
– Injection filling of the gaps behind the lining with cement mortar and chemical resins
– Reinforcement, with basalt fibre and systematic riveting, of the dome segments with lining thinning
– Consolidation, with cement and chemical injections and subsequent riveting, of the moraine segment for 250 lm
– Reinforcement of 4 lay-bys with 10 cm of reinforced grout with double mesh layer and systematic riveting
– Sidewalk reconstruction
– Work on construction joints with cement and chemical injections, drain holes and stainless steel plates to eliminate and/or find infiltration water
– Construction of a new reinforced concrete slab with prefabricated elements sustained by special steel devices anchored in rock
– Full reconstruction of civil works in the cavern ventilation unit
– Reconstruction of the foundation slab and construction of 2 longitudinal walls in the secondary tunnel for healthy and polluted air flow and escape route compartmentalisation
– Consolidation of the rock wall at the entrance of the secondary tunnel
– New paving, horizontal and vertical signs.

Work carried out together with Impresa Luigi Notari


Anno di realizzazione:
2012 – 2014