Intervention on the access road to the Intermodal Center of Segrate. 1st Lot – 1st Part – Completion lot.

Descrizione lavoro:

The development of the route is approximately 2.0 km in the trenches, with a type CNR 80 platform, consisting of:
– Main axis: 1.3 km with 2 lanes of 3.50 ml in each direction, central junction in new jersey of 1.10 ml and quay in the right equal to 1.25 ml (total bitumen level 17.60 ml);
– Two North and South risers, connected to the existing road system, each 712 ml and 672 ml long, with a two-way single-lane platform of 3.50 ml plus side docks for a total tarred amount of 9.0 ml;
– Specialized works to contain groundwater consisting of diaphragms of 2.50 ml and 5.0 ml (30,000 square meters), bottom cap in jet grouting diam. 2200 (38,000 ml of columns) and jet grouting columns diam. 1200 (12,000 ml of columns);
– Elements in c.a. (“Shells”) made impervious to groundwater infiltration, using the technology of the white tank;
– Earth movements;
– Technological systems;
– Road paving.

Work performed in collaboration with: Salini-Impregilo S.p.A. – I.C.G. Srl


Anno di realizzazione:
2017 – 2021