CAMP ZERO hotel in Champoluc (AO)

Descrizione lavoro:

High-end hotel building, made of reinforced concrete and wood, with accommodation for up to 110 guests, located north of the town of Champoluc (AO).

Overall volume of 27,500 m3, including a 5,800 m3 basement, distributed over four storeys, of which:

– 1,400 m2 basement with service rooms, engineering rooms and a 40-car garage

– 1,800 m2 ground floor with two-storey lobby, common rooms reserved to hotel and external guests, sports and fitness rooms, “boulder” room for mountain climbing, bar, brasserie and wine bar, pool, spa and gym, as well as employee and service rooms.

– first and second floor for guests with 30 duplex rooms in wood, for a total surface area of approximately 1,550 m2.

Regina delle Alpi S.r.L.

Anno di realizzazione: