Realization of the construction of underground public parking in the city of Bergamo, in the area called “Parco della Rocca Bergamo, area called” Parco della Rocca – Ex faunistico “

Descrizione lavoro:

Construction of an underground public car park in the Upper City of Bergamo provided by 9 underground floors, of which 8 are used as a parking space and an advanced level to the technical rooms and ancillary services, for a total capacity of 469 units.

Given the physical and geological conformation affected by the intervention, the realization of the work is divided into 5 stages:

phase 1)     assembly and commissioning of a 700 m long cableway for downstream excavation materials, cleaning of the construction site area, formation of the                 construction runways and anchors, installation of a crumple upstream field;

phase 2)     realization of the perimeter walls in micropiles, laying of beams in reinforced concrete and anchorages of the final type; excavation of the loose material and of the underlying rock mass by means of microritards preminages; transport downstream of the resulting materials by cableway and relative disassembly;

phase 3)     construction of the reinforced concrete parking structures cast in situ;

phase 4)     interior finishes, waterproofing and arrangement of the park surface area;

step 5)        internal layout of the existing tunnel, which will connect the lift landing a mountain to via Solata, with the creation of access to the existing municipal asylum.

Bergamo Parcheggi S.p.A.

Anno di realizzazione:
2017 - 2020