Anas S.P.A. – State Road S.S. N. 219 “Gubbio – Pian D’assino” Gubbio – Umbertide Segment Adjustment 2nd Lot: Mocaiana-Umbertide – 1st Section: Mocaiana – Pietralunga

Descrizione lavoro:

Construction of a new road to bypass State Road S.S. 219 “Pian d’Assino” between the towns of Mocaiana and Pietralunga in the Gubbio municipal area – total length 3.6 km.

The road section is of type C1 – secondary suburban road – and comprises two 3.75 lm lanes and 1.50 lm lateral embankments for a total platform width of 10.50 lm.

The main lot works include:

  • No. 4 natural tunnels with average section of 150 m2 for a total length of approximately 1,120.00 lm and approximately 150.00 lm of artificial tunnels near the entrances;
  • No. 4 viaducts with prefabricated pre-stressed reinforced concrete beam decks for a total length of approximately 275.00 lm;
  • Segments on the embankment and/or hillside for approximately 2.0 km;
  • No. 2 underpasses;
  • No. 3 ramps interconnecting the section with existing roads;
  • Technological systems.


Anno di realizzazione:
2017 - 2023